Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Christmas Tree

This is a Christmas tree.

It is not a Hanukkah bush,

It is not an Allah plant,

it is not a Holiday Hedge.

It is a Christmas Tree.

Say it out loud...

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

There is a new debate going on in America, about taking

Christmas out of the Christmas Holiday, then just calling it

"The Holiday Season," and making it a secular holiday instead

of the birth of Jesus Christ.

The stores have all latched onto this and have started

to eliminate any words that have to do with Christmas,

for diversity sake. It is important for each and every

one of us to do our part to preserve the Christmas

season, so that our future generations will know the same

joy of Christmas that we have known.

For those 5% of people that complain about being offended

at the words, "Merry Christmas," then please go to a different

country to see how fast they cater to your whining.

If you become an American we celebrate Christmas.

Get used to it.

As well as all other religions want their special holiday things called what they are supposed to be called

I have not taken the menorah and re-named it a candle holder

I have not renamed Hanukkah

I have not taken Kawanza and renamed it

nor have I told you its an insult to celebrate family, community and culture.

i have not taken EID away from the ones who this is precious to

We as Americans have always celebrated CHRISTMAS and coming to america or even born here in the last 20 or 30 or even 40 years does not give you the right to take My Country's God or my Religious belief away from me or my Country.

I sit not so quiet on this subject

i walk out of a store wishing others a Merry Christmas very loudly these days I pass Chrismas jokes and love and magic any time i can!

Please all of those who believe in the magic and in the love and take our Religous Rights serious as Christians. Just because the stores do it doesnt mean you should stop saying God Bless you or Merry Christmas to each other and to the ones you care about so stand up tall and with all the love in your heart do wish one another in person a Merry Christmas or a Blessing of God!

Remember If your ashamed of me i too will be ashamed of you

Stand tall and stand brave!


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