Friday, October 07, 2005

Adversity: There is a Silver Lining

"I don't quite see
dead people as
yet...but a few
more months of
this and I'll be one
of them!"
Adversity is defined as a state or condition contrary to one of well-being or an instance of misfortune. Well...that sounds about right. I just seem to have used up my quota-- and that of a few friends and family members as well.

The scripture states "All things work together for good for they who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose." Until recently I had issues with that scripture because it just didn't make sense to me. My thoughts ran the gamut of, I'm almost homeless and that has a purpose? I don't quite see dead people as yet, but gimmie a few more months of this and I'll be one of them...this has a purpose? My fiance is about to become a father, and I'm not pregnant, umm...still searching for the purpose.

Sometimes it may be that we’re not in the right location, and we know it but we’re reluctant to move. So God allows the circumstance that causes us to move to where we’re supposed to be.

Sometimes, we may need to be cut off from all our tasks, duties, jobs, entertainment, so that we can spend time by ourselves and hear the voice of God.

Sometimes we may take credit for the gifts of God, so God allows the downsizing, the voice loss, the carpel tunnel, and so forth so that we may realize, that we of ourselves can do nothing with out Him.
But before we can find the silver lining in our adversity, we need to give into it. Give into it? Yes.

Sometimes we're so busy striving against the adversity we don't pause to examine the purpose. Oops, I said the "P" word didn't I?

Ah well, it can't be avoided. Pausing the struggle takes our eyes off of the circumstance long enough so that we can see the underlying message. After coming out of two years of poverty and depression, I can now say that I truly understand that adversity is a tool that shows us exactly who we are so that the necessary process that leads to refinement can continue. So, no He doesn't want or will bad to or for you or me, but when He allows it, I’ve learned three things:
  • He doesn't allow more than I can bear, so I take comfort in the knowledge that my God has confidence in me!
  • Even when it breaks me down till I'm weakened and torn. I take courage in the knowledge that at my weakest His strength I'll secure.
  • Even when it seems to go on and on. I remind myself that although He never seems to come when I think He should, He always manages to be right on time!


Cheri said...

Hi Dee, Nice Blogspot.
I can certainly relate to your testimony here. But, like you I'm thankful for the blessing that comes from experiencing these hardships. Living thorugh difficulty will give us the compassion and experience so that we may grow to a level where we can serve God in a greater way. Sometimes the emotional remnants of thee difficult years are hard to overcome, but with prayer, I know that all things are possible. So, we hold on in the midst of hardship, fully aware that 'trouble don't last always'!
God Bless...

Dee said...

Hi Cheri,

Thanks for sharing your experience. I know what you mean, I still deal with the emotional fallouts, but I'm processing.


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