Friday, February 16, 2007

Introducing: If God is My Lover ... Why is My Bed So Cold?

Title: If God is My Lover ... Why is My Bed So Cold?
Author: Olivia Stith
Publisher: TriManna Publishing House
Release Date: December 22, 2006
ISBN-10: 0979060303
ISBN-13: 978-0979060304
Paperback: 163 pages
List Price: $10.95


You’re single. You’re saved… but you’re not satisfied. Lying in your queen-size bed, you wonder why God hasn’t sent your mate. Takeout dinner for one is starting to get old. You are doing your work in ministry as the Lord has directed – so what’s the hold up? Is God ever going to release you to marry? Do you really want to know my sister? Ask yourself truthfully, are you really prepared for that special man?

Perhaps you are already married, but the fire seems to be dwindling. You pray together and then turn to sleep, each on your own side of the bed. What is going on? Is this how a Christian
relationship is supposed to be?

It’s time for the truth to be told! It’s time for you to set aside old church ideas, beliefs and
doctrines that don’t fully teach you what it will take to have a strong relationship with your mate and with Christ. You will soon read some things that the church mothers just didn’t tell you.

Whether you are single or married, knowing these truths will help you to better your relationships overall. No longer will you have to ask yourself, “If God is my lover...why is my bed so cold?”

The truth is ready to set you free!

About the Author:

Olivia gave her life to Christ in 1992 and has been on fire for Him since through all the trials and tribulations. Under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, she has served as Youth Director, Outreach Director, Administrative Secretary and many other gifts as needed. She has been the Biblical studies at Bethphage Outreach Center where Carolyn S. Davis is Pastor. She was licensed as an evangelist in 2002 and then she was ordained as an Elder in 2004. She is an active member in community and women issues online and offline, working with organizations as far as Africa to build up the spiritual well being of her fellow sisters in Christ.

In February of 2006, God laid on her heart to start a ministry that empowers the spirits of women and their relationship with Christ. It was to be a network of sisters throughout the world who uplifted one another with the philosophy of being "my sister's keeper" Thus her ministry, Women on The Road of Deliverance, was birthed. (

Olivia has been blessed to spread the message of her ministries nationwide as well as internationally in the continent of Africa on a recent visit. In November she combined her ministries and formed her company Trimanna Productions at that is an umbrella for her ministry work and publishing company, Trimanna Publishing House.

She also is a motivational speaker and spiritual counselor that ministers to all God sends on her path through her books, speaking engagements and spiritual counseling. Presently she is booked to start touring and speaking to women concerning relationships and courtship in her much anticipated and talked about book, "If God is My Lover...Why is My Bed So Cold?"

During her spare time when she is not busy doing interviews or speaking engagements, Olivia writes a monthly editorial column: FRUITFUL THINKING at as well as numerous other sites as the Spirit leds. She constantly strives to be all God has her to be and encourages all those around her to pursue the gifts of Christ in their lives to live life to the fullest.

For more information...Readers can enjoy the antics of her everyday life and blogs by reaching her on


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