Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Define what love means to you and only you :-)

Did you ever get the right question at the right time and just knew you had the answer? That's how I felt when I saw the above question in one of my online groups today.

People bandy about the word love so freely now that it loses its lustre or concrete meaning. We forget that God... is LOVE. But before I go off on a tangent and write a whole nother post... let me just paste my response to the above-mentioned request:

When I say, "I love you"

to my family it means that crazy and dysfunctional as we sometimes are, I've learned to deal and love in spite of all we've been through and that even though I don't necessarily relish the journey it took to arrive at the word "family" I wouldn't change it or them for anything.

When I say, "I love you"

to a friend, (male or female), it means that I'm in your corner... no matter what... and your life choices are important to me. So at some point in time... I will introduce you to this Jesus friend of mine.

when I say, "I love you"

to my teens at church, it means that I love you enough to lead by example and tell you when your doo doo stinks; even then, you can still call or text me whenever, and what we discuss will remain between us.

When I say, "I love you"

to my pastor and/or his wife, it means that I've seen your job, don't want it and give you big props for having the guts to accept it.

When I say, "I love you"

to the man in my life, it means that I love, desire, respect, and trust you above all others. I am open to you in a way that I am not open to others (except God) and I will protect that space, your space, from being infiltrated by any outside "noise"


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