Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcoming the Fall Giveaway!

Ready...Set ...Go!!!!

Welcome to my contribution to the Welcoming the Fall Giveaway hosted by Good Choice Reading. It is a week long event running from September 22 - 29.  This is my first time hosting a giveaway as part of a Blog Hop.  I'm participating via 5 of my blogs (#47-#51 on the Linky list below). I look forward meeting you.  Now for the reason you're here--to win a book!

These are the titles on offer:

Do You Know Who I Am?: And Other Brave Questions Women Ask by Angela Thomas

Release Date: October 5, 2010

In her book Do You Know Who I Am? Angela Thomas asks God if He knows her—and ultimately does He love her—as she is, right now, today. In each chapter, she names a different identity issue, such as: “I am invisible,” “I am worn out,” “I am undisciplined,” “I am ordinary,” and “I am afraid to dream.” With each honest admission, Angela teaches that God lovingly replies, “Yes, I know your heart. I see your struggle. Now…do you know who I AM?”

Ultimately Angela reveals that the secret to being known and loved lies in an intimate understanding of who God is. Each identity struggle is answered with a short biblical study on the character of God that assures readers that their personal, spiritual, and eternal fulfillment is not dependent on getting themselves together. Rather, God has a purpose for them just as they are—broken, afraid, disappointed, disillusioned.

Through vivid storytelling, biblical teaching, and practical application, readers will find the heartfelt answers they seek.
Glaen: A Novel Message on Romance, Love and Relating by Fred R. Lybrand

Release Date: February 14, 2010

Annie is a college grad-student who is stumped about love. Her mom and dad are in the throes of a divorce, her teenage sister is obsessed with how her boyfriend makes her look, and her closest friend Jennah is on a continual ride of running off every guy she dates. 

Friendships, dating, romance, and marriage—it's all confusing to Annie until the day a white-haired stranger appears in her life. Glaen is an unusual professor with an unusual name. Her white-haired unconventional mentor guides Annie on a path of discovery that unlocks the secrets of real relationships in a world gone phony. By abandoning herself to learn, Annie discovers the mystifying affect of how learning to tell the truth changes everything in friendship, family, and love.

The solutions Dr. Lybrand offers in this book will astound and free you to quit doing the very things that take away your ability to find the love and friendship you want. More importantly, you'll discover a fresh path to the possibility of greater connections with those you care most about. You'll want everyone you love to read this book...twice!
Giveaway rules:
  • The form must be filled out to enter (all items marked (*) are required)
  • Contest is US ONLY and ends September 29th
  • Once contacted, the winner will have 48 hours to respond with his/her mailing address
  • While comments are not mandatory, they are lovely to receive
Once you have filled out the form below and entered this giveaway, you then hop onto the next site via the Linky List below.
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Jo Ann said...

Thank you for paticipating in the giveaway!


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Just stopping by on the blog hop.
Thanks for participating.


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