Friday, February 11, 2011

Love and Forgiveness Blog Tour

About the Author

LaShawnda Jones is currently living and thriving in New York City. Her prior work includes an autobiographical devotional, My God and Me: Listening, Learning and Growing on My Journey and an autobiographical volume of poetry, Cliches: A Life in Verse. LaShawnda’s writing and publishing work ranges from poetry, to blogging, to designing an annual full-figured fashion calendar. She was a contributor to a daily political blog during the last presidential election and an anthology of letters addressed to First Lady Michelle Obama.

LaShawnda’s current work is a series of short books, focusing on foundational Biblical principles. The series is called the MeatyWord series. The first volume, The Process of Asking for, Receiving and Giving Love & Forgiveness, will be available January 2011.
LaShawnda’s life is an illustration of transition – constant movement and growth from one point to another. She is ecstatic about moving forward on her journey with the LORD. She continues to grow stronger in her faith, wiser in her knowledge and more loving to people as she seeks to mirror exactly the Christ in her.  To keep up with LaShawnda’s journey, subscribe to her blog at

About the Book

Love & Forgiveness is the first of a six volume pocket book series called the MeatyWord Series. Each volume of the series will focus on a very essential Biblical principle and its application in our daily lives. In  Love & Forgiveness, love and forgiveness are defined Biblically and then contrasted with worldly use. The book explores what love is, what love does, how love feels, the importance of repentance and forgiveness and the benefits of both.

PODCAST 1 - About the Book

PODCAST 2 -  For Readers

PODCAST 3 -  Excerpt

My Thoughts:

This book was unbelievable hard to put down.  As a person who struggled with issues of identity, love and unforgiveness, I found myself nodding, weeping (a bit), and stopping every once in a while to thank God.  I am so thankful that I woke up and realized that by choosing God, I was choosing to love myself and that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself, whether the wounder is repentant or not.  It is at the point of forgiveness that we can begin to heal and have a rebirth.  Although I have come such a long way from the severely wounded woman that I once was, I do wish that I had been able to get my hands on a copy of this book back then.

Love & Forgiveness is broken down into seven cohesive sections:
  1. Introduction (Belief/Salvation)
  2. Love
  3. Repentance
  4. Forgiveness
  5. Communication
  6. Pop Culture vs The Bible
  7. Oneness of Giving and Receiving
It is equally palatable for the non-believer, new believer or old head believer. It is contemporary enough to avoid the churchified feel and speaks encouragement and truth with ease and conviction. Despite the inclusion of the touchy issue of tithing, if you are struggling right now, I would strongly recommend this book as a tool to help you understand who you are, what love is, and how you can work your way towards forgiveness.

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tywebbin said...


Thank you for hosting LaShawnda Jones and introducing your readers to "Love & Forgiveness" this week on your blog.

Jonsey said...

Dee, thanks for the informative and encouraging review! I must say, I want to go out and buy the book myself! :) I am extremely happy you found some words to plant in your life.

God bless,


Queen R. Jenkins said...

Hi Lashawnda!

I saw your link at about 'guest post'. First of all I MUST say I ABSOLUTELY love your blog!! It is one of the most refreshing things to "find" Christians on the web. I would love to be a guest writer on your blog. I am a Fashion and Jewelry Designer and I also have a magazine called 'In Season Magazine'. I'm a mentor to young girls and I also produce fashion shows. Feel free to take a look at my blog and my website. I would love to read and review your book as well! May God continue to bless your writings! and

With His love,
Queen R. Jenkins

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