Thursday, September 22, 2016

#TBT Review: Emma Jean Reborn by Dr. Cupid Poe and Kathi Macias

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In the spirit of #TBT this book review was originally posted 9/22/2006. Reading this book and writing this review was no cakewalk but after I was done, I felt like I had come through a fire--singed but not burnt. I hope the reposting of this review introduces the book to someone who will have a similar experience. 

God Bless,

by Dr. Cupid Poe and Kathi Macias
Publisher: Authorhouse
Genre: Fiction
Reviewed by D.S. White of Book Zone Reviews
"She paused again, then plunged ahead. "I guess what I'm trying to say is that, no matter what's happened in our lives, there's nothing so bad that God can't carry us through to the other side. The Bible says that weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Sooner or later, God's good plan for our lives will become clear to us, Emma Jean, if we'll just let it.
Emma Jean was fighting tears now, wishing on the one hand that she'd declined Millie's invitation and gone on back to her apartment where she'd be safe from such emotional revelations, while wishing on the other that she had the courage to open her mouth and tell this dear woman everything that was on her heart. In the end she said nothing, except a silent thank you to God, as the unspoken question echoed in her heart: How many people would He send to her to give her the same message before she finally got it?" - Pg 74.

I approach the writing of this review with unwanted credentials: that of a survivor of abuse. However, it is those very credentials that give me the authority to wholeheartedly recommend this book for those who’d like to:
  • understand the face of abuse, or
  • move forward from the road called Abuse.
It goes without saying; it was not an easy read for me, not because of poor workmanship, irrelevant content or shoddy grammar. No, it was excellent in all those aspects. Being a bit of an ostrich I delayed and stalled reading the book because I was simply unwilling to “go there” again.

I can now say that it’s the best book I never-wanted-to-read because at the end of the day I applauded Emma Jean’s courage and unfailing spirit, even as I cried when she cried and triumphed when she did and was encouraged to give moving forward a chance, as she also did.

She overcame so much to reach a state of peace: that of her family’s financial situation, their bigoted beliefs, their dysfunction, their rejection of who she was as a person, her life threatening situations…
Even though the book encompasses subject matter that is uncomfortable reading for most, the authors pull it off with a mix of sensitivity, spirituality and practicality that:
  • Empathizes
  • Motivates
  • Moves
  • Advocates

  • Justifies
  • Encourages
  • Authenticates
  • Nullifies

  • Resuscitates
  • Educates
  • Believes
  • Opposes
  • Rejuvenates
  • Nurtures

But most of all it is a clear-cut road map directing abuse survivors towards the healing road called Forgiveness. I have heard it said that “forgiveness is a gift you give yourself,” and I wholeheartedly agree.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
My Recommendation: I recommend this title for:
  • those wrapped so tightly in their anger they’re blinded by it to all the goodness around them,
  • those so mired in memory of the hurt, they can’t live in the here and now,
  • those so walled into a pattern of behavior that they’re afraid to come out of their comfort zone because although painful, it’s all they know,
  • those who blame God for allowing their situation; and
  • those who desire the encouragement needed to transition from victim to victor
D.S. White Reborn


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