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Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: Your Finances God's Way


Your Finances God's Way JustRead Blog Tour 

Welcome to the Blog Tour for the Your Finances God's Way book and workbook by Scott LaPierre, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


Your Finances God's Way

Title: Your Finances God's Way 
Author: Scott LaPierre
Publisher: Harvest House
Release Date: May 3, 2022
Genre: Christian living – nonfiction

Experience the Peace that Comes with Wise Stewardship 

Financial insecurity can be one of the greatest threats to your well-being—but the good news is that even if you’re on a tight income, you can eliminate many of your monetary worries when you create and abide by a biblical plan for your spending. 

In Your Finance’s God’s Way, you’ll identify the negative money management habits you need to break and the positive habits that should take their place. Implementing the teaching laid out in the Bible, this book gives you advice and practical steps backed by proven principles, helping you 
 • get the most out of your money by paying off debt and building up savings 
 • make wise spending decisions that enable you to avoid anxiety, regret, and conflict 
 • find a healthy balance between being financially frivolous and frugal to a fault 

Even when you have less to spend, you can use what God has provided to thrive. Whether you’re young or old, married or single, working or staying at home, Your Finances God’s Way will give you everything you need to be a careful steward of the resources you’ve received from the Lord.

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Spending Problems Often Result from Worthless Purchases

By “worthless” I don’t mean the item has no value. If that were the case, hopefully, we wouldn’t have made the purchase in the first place. I’m referring to the item’s value to us years, months, weeks, or sometimes even days ahead. If the item is valuable at the moment but it has no value to us in the future, it has been a worthless purchase.

Let me illustrate this by sharing something I used to witness when I was a schoolteacher. Because I was a Christian, I used to be as concerned with my students’ academics and character. I taught math, reading, and writing, but I also tried to spend time teaching about forgiveness, honesty, hard work, and generosity.

There were a few times each year I would have the opportunity to discuss finances with my students. One regular opportunity occurred prior to field trips. When kids are at a museum, aquarium, or tourist attraction, they are tempted to throw away their money on souvenirs. I would tell my students:

Do not waste your money on any of the items you see in the shops. If you do, let me tell you exactly what will happen. You are going to buy something, be excited about it for a short period of time—probably only a few hours, but maybe only a few minutes—and then lose interest. Each year at the end of field trips, after the students exit the bus when we get back to the school, I walk down the aisle and see these souvenirs left in their seats. They had already gotten bored of their purchases. I don’t want you to make the same mistake.

These were worthless purchases. It is easy to listen to this story and pass judgment on students, but how often do we do the same thing as adults? How many times have we bought something and forgotten about it a week or two later? How much stuff do we have in our homes that isn’t being used for any profitable reason in our lives? If we’re honest, most of us would be surprised—and probably embarrassed—by the number of purchases we’ve made that provide no lasting benefit. And these worthless purchases add up.


Do You Really Trust God?

Both books are so well thought out that they can each stand on their own, however, they do complement each other well and are better together.

The workbook reinforces the lessons taught on the book and gives opportunity for you to work out your convictions of your trust in God and how it becomes applicable to your finances

What I liked:

- These are not your typical how-to books
- They are geared specifically to enlighten Christians and help effect a change of heart.
- There is no sense of condemnation in the delivery. As a Pastor, the author shepherds the reader to learn what God has to say about finances then examine himself/herself through a series of questions and answers.
- That the message is not, you need this budget sheet and you'll be ok.
- That the author's style made for easy and interesting reading.

I am already a tither and I consider myself a modestly generous giver, however, the words amoral, moral or immoral have never before come to mind when thinking or talking about money. To that end, I was convicted about how I spend what's left after the tithe. I need to be a much better steward.

I recommend these books highly to anyone who is struggling with financial issues, get them and get to the heart of the matter with sound biblical teaching and self-examination, then follow through with implementation of whichever area you discover you need to change.

I received both books from the publisher free of charge. This review is written voluntarily.


Scott LaPierre 

Scott LaPierre is a senior pastor, author, and popular conference speaker. He holds an MA in biblical studies from Liberty University. Scott and his wife, Katie, live in Washington State, and God has blessed them with nine children. Learn more about Pastor Scott at his website,, and connect with him on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Scott LaPierre said...

Hello Dee,
Thank you for sharing about me and Your Finances God’s Way!
I am praying God uses the book and workbook to exalt Christ and help people manage their finances well.
If anyone listens to this episode and has any questions or I can pray for you in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me through the contact page on my website:

In Christ,
Scott LaPierre

Shelly Peterson said...

Sounds like something I should read

D.S. White said...

Hi Pastor Scott,

Thank you for writing Your Finances God's Way. It was a true eye-opener for me, so He is already working. I will add that information to the post. Thanks for stopping by and keep on sharing what God gives you with us.

D.S. White said...

Hi Shelly,

Definitely give it a try! I have read several budget books over the years, and none have affected me like this one has.

Bea LaRocca said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Your Finances God's Way, this sounds like a book that will help guide me through

Carrie @ JustRead Tours said...

so glad the book has been so helpful to you! Thanks so much for being part of the tour :)

Heidi Reads... said...

Great review, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

D.S. White said...

Hi Bea! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it will.

D.S. White said...

Hi Carrie! Thanks so much for including me in this tour.

D.S. White said...

Hi Heidi! I have to stop by your blog, it's been a minute. I enjoy browsing. Thanks for stopping by and glad you liked the review.

Nancy P said...

Best cover ever!

Stormy Vixen said...

Great excerpt, Scott, your book sounds like a great book for everyone! Thanks for sharing it with me! Thanks, Divine Perspective for sharing your thoughts! Have a sunshiny day!

D.S. White said...

Hi Nancy! It is nice isn't it? Thanks for stopping by.

D.S. White said...

Hi Stormy! Yw! Thanks for stopping by!